Dr. Jennifer Stansbury Koenig has more than ten years of experience leading evaluation and grant projects funded at local, state, and federal levels. Her dissertation research and ongoing work in community building keeps Dr. Stansbury Koenig connected with people and narratives of the diverse neighborhoods located in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Her current evaluation projects include a three-year U.S. Department of Education grant to assess the impact of professional school counselors in four Northern Kentucky P-12 school districts and another U.S. Department of Education grant to assess professional development in Computer Science and Mathematics for middle grades teachers from thirteen school districts in Eastern Kentucky. Additional experience with evaluation in higher education and P-12 school districts includes focus on inquiry-based instruction; assessing the impacts of school counseling; researching mentor-mentee relationships, and leadership development. Dr. Stansbury Koenig focused on grant and evaluation work at Northern Kentucky University in both faculty and staff roles over six years, and most recently served at the University of Cincinnati as a Research Associate with the Evaluation Services Center.

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