What it is

JDSK Project offers Consulting Services that evaluate process or outcomes, teach strategies to make meaning, or co-create solutions to a specific problem. JDSK Project Consulting Services provide subject matter expertise, technical, and professional advice to develop options in order to achieve goals and targeted growth.

JDSK Project offers Coaching Services that help you discover and identify strategies to help individuals or organizations build capacity and self-efficacy. JDSK Project Coaching Services lead with inquiry to help you explore possibilities and deepen your understanding to facilitate confidence and find clarity in order to achieve goals and growth. JDSK Project Coaching Services evolve as longer-term individual relationships or in partnership from start-to-finish of a project life-cycle.

In the context of Evaluation, Grants, or Research JDSK Project will consult or coach to:

~ Develop grant proposals for competition;

~ Construct reliable tests and measures;

~ Facilitate short-term or long-term strategic planning;

~ Design quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods research protocols;

~ Conduct needs assessments with stakeholders;

~ Map out qualitative research studies;

~ Facilitate inquiry to interpret data and align resources.

In the context of Community Building, connect with JDSK Project to:

~ Help teams develop meaningful connections;

~ Engage small groups in sharing effective strategies;

~ Shift organizational culture to create safe, inclusive spaces;

~ Increase organizational health to foster meaningful conversations;

~ Interpret data to find meaning or inform strategic planning.